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It has been said great opportunities exist when problems are solved. Smart Carpet Cleaning has completely solved the many well known problems of the traditional steam carpet cleaning method: Many hours of drying, spots coming back, looks clean for only a short time, foul smells, and many others. Smart’s proprietary and Certified Deep Cleaning System* eliminates ALL these negatives. By using 90% less water than steam cleaning, we preserve the carpet backing and save the carpet pad from getting soaked; eliminating the long dry time and the environment for mold and bacteria to form.

Our method of growth is to target industry specific commercial customers with a free Demo offer so they can see and judge for themselves if we are really THAT much better. See photos of our quality work!

This approach, along with a highly competitive quote, has resulted in our phenomenal 56%** demo-to-sale close rate that will allow you to build up your business rapidly.

* Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) tested Smart’s proprietary process and is designated as a Certified Deep Cleaning method
** as shown by corporate-based studies across 177 accounts



Carpet cleaning is a $5 billion per year industry with 10 billion sq. ft. of carpet installed annually.


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Keeping it Simple and Smart. Virtually all other carpet cleaning companies have add-on services like upholstery, tile, or duct cleaning to provide additional revenue streams for their business model. The problem is it adds costs, complications, and you don’t really get to be exceptional in any area. SMART cleans carpet – and nothing else. We don’t complicate the business model because our process and business model is THAT MUCH BETTER! This simplicity frees up time, allowing you to spend more time on what you want to do – Grow Your Business!

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Our Proprietary Process: Only SMART uses Soil Transfer Technology via Static-Attraction, virtually eliminating competition and making it a no-brainer decision for your customers. You will amaze customers by solving problems others can’t: color stains, pet issues, and restoring trashed out carpets that would otherwise need to be replaced. See photos of our quality work! 

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The Secret Sauce for Marketing: SMART has a simplified marketing technique that allows you to grow your franchise quickly and efficiently. Capture your commercial market with our Free Demo process where customers can see for themselves that we really are THAT much better. This combined with our highly competitive pricing structure has a proven 56%** Demo-to-Sale close rate!

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Taking the Busy-ness Out of Business: SMART’S streamlined software sets you up for success with a robust fully customized Salesforce CRM system. Manage your entire business with one platform, including a user-friendly app for your employees on the job.
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Own a Business Without Having to Own a Storefront: Most franchises require a large investment because you have to lease and build a storefront. SMART Carpet Cleaning businesses are designed to  be simple and require minimal shop space, making this investment more achievable and you see quicker returns.

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Higher Productivity: Each van is equipped with two carpet cleaning systems; reducing time on the job site by 25%. Our Employee App allows employees to quickly close work orders on the go, making productive use of down time while driving to another job. Our customer Widget tool provides frequent-use customers an easy method to submit new work orders directly into your software, eliminating the time consuming over-the-phone method. And there are many more efficiencies built in to our business model!

** as shown by corporate-based studies across 177 accounts
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Pre Opening Training, with 5 days at corporate headquarters including 30 hours of classroom time and 10 hours of field training, and up to 8 hours of remote training on our customized CRM Salesforce platform.
Confidential Operations Manual detailing all business functions.
Seal of safety
Convenient Product Ordering through our exclusive Smart Supply Co. with low price guarantee.
Continued Training and Support to help you achieve your desired goals.
Approved Technologies including our customized CRM Salesforce system for work order management, scheduling, invoicing, account management, marketing functions, field crew mobile platform, and more.
Marketing Support with e-file and print fliers, business cards, custom full wrap van graphics, and a robust new customer tracking system to maximize the customer relationship.



$125,000 – $177,000



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The projected investment for a SMART Carpet Cleaning business is between $125,000 and $177,000. How do you plan on funding your business?

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